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We designed our 2000 pound capacity, digital fastener tester to be virtually maintenance free, and offer a lifetime warranty on all moving parts. PFT2000A Is the only true digital fastener tester on the market today, NOT hydraulic but with a digital gauge instead, so failed ‘O-rings’ and the down time associated with them are no longer an issue. With the highest accuracy in the industry 0.1% of full scale, our tester comes complete with a ‘2 in 1 Lifter Foot’ and a ‘Heavy duty Deck-plate’ to perform all of your light weight concrete and uplift resistance tests, so additional fixtures are not necessary.

The PFT2000A Is the most reliable tester on the market. Its digital force meter gives accurate repeatable results. -100% digital force meter with one place decimal display; reports in Pounds, Kilograms or Newton’s and holds a peak force reading until reset. -Precision S-block load cell can be over forced up to 50% without damage.

For use with light weight decking fasteners.  The center hole is 7/8” (other sizes can be provided).  It can handle washer plates from 1.25” to 3.50”, and it has a 1,000 pound capacity. 1 year warranty

This fixture performs the functions of two.  One side has a 1/4” width slot, and the other has a 15/32” slot.  It can handle fasteners with washers up to 2.00”, and its capacity is 2,000 pounds. 1 year warranty

We have adapters for use with all Com-Ten fixtures, and we can custom make fixtures for any application.

For use in confined spaces where crank handles may be interfered with (Not for use with PFT2000B).

Frame mounted storage box

Rechargeable batteries and charging jack

PFT2000A Digital Read Out