Check out some of the cool features our products include


One place decimal display, 0.5 Lbs resolution, reports in pounds, kilograms or Newtons, and saves peak reading until it is reset for the next test.

  • 50 hour continuous run time on 4 AA batteries, goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes, and powers off after 30 minutes of not being used.
  • Highest accuracy in the industry: 0.1% of full scale ( ±2 pounds).
  • Three year warranty.


Light weight aluminum design has a built in carry handle, and stores additional fixtures or the optional storage box.

  • Oversized heat treated ¾” power screw and a brass nut for low friction and longevity.
  • All steel and aluminum parts are plated, anodized or heat treated to resist corrosion.
  • Large ¼” diameter pull pins will not bend when pulled to capacity.
  • Virtually maintenance free. Tough lockable plastic storage case included.


Base design allows tests to be performed as close as 2-1/2” from other structures, and still accommodates 3-1/2” diameter deck fasteners.

  • Open frame design allows easy access to fixtures.
  • Two multi-function, easy to use fixtures are included with a 1 year warranty.
  • Long travel to keep up with growing fastener lengths.
  • Crank handles are extremely easy to turn when not loaded, so you can quickly jog the fixture to its correct height from one test to another.
Heavy Duty Dec Plate
Shackle Fixture
Two in One Lifter Foot